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Local Business Marketing
Program Summary

(for presentation to prospects)




Your business receives a featured on line listing that appears in the paid search section and natural search listing on line. This means people seaching for a business like yours in your area on line using major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and more are likely to see your ad.

Your customer will receive valuable incentives  from your business that you design or approve. This incentives will be delivered when a person clicks on your on line ad or joins your email list.

Offers by email are sent on the average of once per week or when you want the promotion sent.

Most people  want these messages because they contain valuable deals, specials and information. This is particularly important in the current economic client.

** Bonus: You will be building your customer list, which is the most valuable asset of your business. This is your list. You own it.


Benefits To Your Customers



Convenience: A friendly message and valuable incentives from you are received by your customers directly into their email.


Loyalty: Local Retail Marketing messages with your special discounts and promotions increase customer loyalty and create a marketing "buzz".


Knowledge: As time goes on, you can add information about your business, employees, yourself and family which draws customers closer to you. People enjoy knowing who they are doing business with.


Benefits To Your Business


High Return on Investment: No local business advertsing compares to the results of the Local Retail Marketing program. Consider print adverising in your local newpaper or even "door hangers." Even if the ad draws you don't know who your customer is and you are not able to send an offer when you may need it most. For example, let's say market sales are softening so you want to boost sales with an incentive. Best case from the time you develop the ad until it drops is maybe 5 days and most likely 2 weeks. With Local Retail Marketing it is same day.


Increased Sales from existing customers.


Improved Product and Service Offering: Closer communication with customers will result in them telling you about their buying experience and how you can improve your product and service offer.


New Customers will come to your business from you visibility online and  as your current customers spread the word about your product, service and deals. Also new customers will come if you participate in our Local Marketing Retail Blast Program.





Starter Package: $1,387.00

  • Landing  internet page with. automated email and phone (for text) registration form
  • Premium Local Adlink list for local online search
  • Your own autoresponder (automated emailing sending system)
  • On line video training for obtaining and registering customer emails.
  • On line video training with the types of email messages you can send and track response.
  • On line video training for calculating return on investment.

Recurring Monthly Cost 

  • Automated email marketing system $19.95 (can be cancelled at any time.)
  • Hosting fee $100. 00 annual and is included in the starter package. Non  refundable.
  • Local AdLink placement $200.00 (optional , however we highly recommend a 90 day test)

Complete Do It For You Package

  • $1,997.00
  • $500.00 per month following first month


  • Local AdLink is paid by credit card
  • All other fees are by Pay Pal.
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